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About us

Board walkWhether you are looking to rent, buy or sell an Ocean City NJ beachfront condo or a historic home in Upper Township, Down the Shore Realty is ready to make your transaction a success.

We are a team of experienced agents, with more than 50 years in the business of helping our clients with buying, selling and renting in Ocean City NJ and the surrounding communities. Because we understand how demanding property transactions can be, we also understand how important it is to have good interaction and thorough support throughout the various stages of a transaction ? and we enjoy bringing it all together for you.

But we are not just professional, dedicated and knowledgeable realtors ? we are active members of our community too. We belong to local clubs, are involved in community events and we chair committees and boards throughout the area. This local connection also gives us a strong advantage when helping you with all facets of real estate; you can count on us to know and advise you on which are the best lenders, title companies, attorneys, inspectors and other professionals that are a natural part of many real estate transactions.

Those looking to buy, sell or explore the rental market of Ocean City NJ real estate can rely on us for informed decisions. We have extensive experience in all kinds of properties, and can guide you to new developments, renovation or even resale properties. Quite simply, we know Ocean City NJ real estate like no other realtor in the area ? we live, work and interact within the community. And we can?t wait to share our knowledge with you.

Contact us today to learn more about Ocean City NJ real estate.